Adorable Mini Easter Egg Baskets



This is a super easy craft you can do with your kids and they can give them to their friends & classmates this Easter.

You will need:
muffin cases
raffia (or shredded tissue paper)
Easter eggs

Egg Basket Things You Need

Step One
Cut strips from the paper – approximately 22cm long x 2cm wide.
These will form the handles.

Egg Basket Handles

Step Two
Glue the strip of paper on to each side of the muffin case, as shown.

Easter Egg Basket Empty

Step Three
Fill the muffin case with raffia and add 3-5 Easter Eggs to the mini basket.


Step Four (Optional)
You can make small gift tags to swing from the handle to say “Happy Easter from [your child’s name]”.

Happy Easter!



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