6 Ways To Get Your House Clutter Under Control For Good


Minimalism is so very on trend. I personally couldn’t get by with a side table and a lone lamp in an empty space. But I am very much on the de-cluttering band wagon. I love a de-cluttered house. It’s good for the mind and good for the soul.

In spite of this, maintaining a de-cluttered home can prove challenging. Living in an age of instant gratification in the form of online shopping coupled with the rise of consumerism, we are constantly being marketed to for gadgets, toys, clothes, home wares and a range of things we don’t need. Not to mention the fact that my three children have invaded every spare inch of space with clothes, toys, books and things with wheels.

Here are some great tips to help get your clutter under control.

  1. Find the root of the cause

There are many reasons we hang on to things in our lives, be it sentiment or the elusive notion that we may need it some day. We all know that day will never come. As you go through you and your family’s belongings, ask yourself why you feel you need to hold on to it despite it’s functional use. Once you have established the reason you held on to it, find an alternative way to maintain the feeling that item brought you instead.

  1. Have a plan

The idea of de-cluttering your home may seem overwhelming. As with any large task, your best bet is to make a plan that is efficient and achievable. Break the home down to rooms or sections.

Have an idea of how you want the particular space to look. This will give you an idea of how much space you need to create and what things you need to get rid of.

Find local charities you would like to donate to or talk to friends and family who may be in need of some items, especially the kids’ stuff.

  1. Take it slowly

The process of de-cluttering is an ongoing one. To first tackle de-cluttering your home be sure to take it slowly. Set an achievable goal of a set amount of time for each space you need to de-clutter.

Whilst the reward of de-cluttering is a tidy space, perhaps allocate a special reward for each space cleared to stay motivated.

  1. Make it fun

Be creative in the way you choose to tackle the process of de-cluttering. Play some music, have rewards and play games.

If you’re anything like me, you always find things you forgot you had so treat it as a treasure hunt and you can all compare your greatest find at the end. The kids will love it too.

  1. Have a garage sale

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale? It’s a great way to meet the neighbours, reduce landfill and teach the kids some cash handling skills along the way.

With some careful planning and consideration, you can not only have a home free of clutter, but also make some pocket money in the process.

  1. Keep it up

De-cluttering the home is a lot like a good hair cut. It requires maintenance and TLC to look fabulous.

Try the one-in-one-out rule. Before getting something new, get rid of something else to make place for it. Ask yourself if you really need it. Can you rent or borrow whatever it is you may need? Keep a ‘donate’ box or bag handy to purge items as soon as they are no longer required and get rid of them when the box gets full.

Happy cleaning.



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