50 Stocking Stuffers or Advent Calendar Fillers


Here are 50 fun ideas that can be used as either Stocking Stuffers or Advent Calendar Fillers:

  1. Stickers
  2. Christmas Decorations (for them to decorate your tree with straight away)
  3. Inspirational Quotes printed out
  4. Matchbox Cars
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Small Santa Chocolates
  7. Mini figurines (it could be Lego, Minecraft, Ben & Holly’s, Sylvanians etc.)
  8. A homemade ticket for an outing to see the Christmas Lights
  9. Craft Supplies (paddlepop sticks, pompoms, glitter, google eyes etc.)
  10. Mini slinky
  11. A love note – tell your kids how much you love them!
  12. Hair Accessories
  13. Washi Tape
  14. Lollipop
  15. Glowsticks
  16. Stationery (who doesn’t love a new sharpener!)
  17. A small note containing a happy memory from the past year (perhaps something you can laugh about together).
  18. Socks
  19. Keyring or Bag Tag (my kids love to hang these off their school bag)
  20. Cookie Cutter
  21. Funny Christmas jokes
  22. Mini paint set
  23. Tic-Tacs
  24. Postage Stamps (to send a couple of Christmas cards to friends or grandparents)
  25. Handball
  26. Temporary Tattoos
  27. Candy Canes
  28. Print out of a Christmas Colouring-In or Dot-to-Dot
  30. Hot chocolate satchels
  31. Neon highlighter pens
  32. Bubble Bath
  33. Stick on earrings
  34. Christmas Snow Globe
  35. Pez dispenser
  36. Nail polish
  37. Plastic Curly straw
  38. Magic face-washer (that expands in water)
  39. Colourful chalk
  40. A photo of a fun time your kids have had this year
  41. Bubble Wands
  42. Santa Hats
  43. Slap Bands
  44. Balloons
  45. Freddo Chocolates
  46. Christmas Badge/Broche
  47. Tinsel to hang in their bedroom
  48. Wizz Fizz
  49. Trading Cards
  50. Small musical instrument (eg. castanets, maraccas or bells)

So hop to it and get yourself organised for a magical Christmas!



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